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AI Collection

    Posted on January 20, 2016

    "AI Collection" is an assortment of several AIs I developed for a school project. Each AI has a different objective or style.
    Github Link info: My part of the project is under darths stuff.

    List of AIs:

    • "Animal" Camp: The "Animals" Spawn near a desired point like a tree or nest. They wander out from there to a settable distance. If a player or another AI wanders by they will set chase for a short distance or flee.
    • Flying Turret: Follows a player around ; circling overhead until a enemy walks into its FOV.  It will then circle the opponent firing at them until it is destroyed, then it will return to the original player.
    • Stationary Turret: Waits for something to enter its FOV then it will fire at them repetitively until death, prioritizes players over NPC.
    • POI Enemy Player: Follows sets of points until a enemy or a POI(represented by spheres) appears. After investigating the POI or killing the enemy it will then return to its path.

    What I learned

    • AI is hard and annoying but very useful.
    • Basic AI scripting
    • Running scripts over a network
    • How to make a FOV (Field of Vision)
    • How to make POI (Point of Interest)